Bibliographic standards

URBS employes the Marc21 format in its catalogue. Bibliographic descriptions are based on the ISBD (International Standard Bibliographic Description) and headings and subjects are provided in English and Italian. English cataloguers follow the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings; Italian cataloguers follow the cataloging norms of the Vatican Library (Norme vaticane per il Catalogo degli stampati) and the subject headings of the Vatican Library (SBAV).

The centralised management of the database, responsibility of the Database Editor (DBE), guarantees the coherence of the authority file and of indexes by means of the validation of the authority records and the creation and maintenance of links, notes and references between English and Italian forms of headings.

As of 2006 URBS has been using the software package Millennium of Innovative Interfaces. This allows for personalization for the individual members of URBS, as well as offering new services for readers. It also facilitates the use of electronic resources, both within and outside the network and the creation of a “virtual catalogue” to link together URBS and other research libraries with different software, thereby offering scholars even richer bibliographic resources.

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